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Representation of NGOs in National Media: Media Analysis
The scope of this research was carried out within the frame of the “Strengthening Civil Dialogue” Project and supported by the European Union. An analysis was conducted that will contribute to understanding how visible civil society organizations operating in Turkey are in the national media.
Civil Society Sector Impact Research: The Role of EU Grants in the Impact of the Civil Society Sector in Turkey
Research on the Impact of the Civil Society Sector in Turkey has been prepared within the frame of the “Grant Program for Partnerships and Networks for Strengthening of the Cooperation between Public Sector and CSOs” supported by the Republic of Turkey and European Union and implemented by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate for EU Affairs.
Dialogue Mapping of Civil Society in Turkey
Within the “Encounters: Enhancing and Monitoring Civil Dialogue” project, which is funded by the EU, YADA conducted a research called “Dialogue Mapping” study. The research was conducted through a desk study, study visit, face-to-face in-depth interviews, and stakeholders’ comments and feedback obtained during the Civil Dialogue Workshops. This report aims to reveal the impacts of varying relationships with the public sector on the CSO-CSO dialogue. In this sense, CSO-public sector relationships take place in the report regarding its impact on CSO-CSO dialogue.
Analysis of Visibility of Civil Society in Media
YADA Foundation carried out “Strengthening Civil Society Dialogue in Turkey” Project in the years 2018-2020 with the support of the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). The aim was to establish and strengthen dialogue among CSOs from different backgrounds and identities, in order to increase the impact capacity of CSOs in Turkey. “Analysis of Visibility of Civil Society in Media” was conducted under the project, to picture the current situation of the visibility of CSOs in national printed media in Turkey.
Research on Plastic Footprint of Markets in Turkey
In the research conducted for Greenpeace, the current plastic use of retail and wholesale supermarkets in Turkey and their strategies for reducing plastic use were portrayed.
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