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“What is rational is factual, what is factual is relational.”

Beyond being a “research company”, Adhoc is a team of researchers comprising social scientists who feed on researches – in more precise terms, who establish worlds of meaning with scientific knowledge.

It is sceptical and curious. It examines the foundations, certainties and impacts of all kinds of arguments, it investigates more as it examines, it considers every detail of the issues, and tries to understand the issues deeply. It evaluates the data collected from different data sources together, and focuses on seeing the whole picture.

It pursues continuity, and it believes that it is necessary to constantly improve itself and implement new methods and approaches in order to improve its capacity. For this purpose, it invests in, develops and applies innovative research models in its research.

It looks for the best way of explaining the collected data:

It enriches, simplifies, compiles, reduces, abstracts, models, stores, visualises, concretises, tests, compares, disseminates, analyses, reports, categorises, classifies, presents the data.

It carries out research not only to understand, but also to change and to create “social benefit”. For this reason, it does not only explore researches, but also produces data-based and applicable strategy for change.

While researching, accepts and applies the ethics of social sciences .

Adhoc is in all aspects against all forms of discrimination against identity, gender, age, socio-economics and species.

Adhoc team acknowledges universal values and stays away from ideas and approaches that harm or have the potential to harm history, cultures, beliefs and nature in all its practices.

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