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As Adhoc Research Consultancy Analysis Strategy ;

We aim to meet the need of information of the private sector, academia, public, and civil society and contribute to the transformation of information into strategy in line with the objectives of the institutions.

We contribute to the strategy studies of institutions and companies based on conceptual, procedural, and factual information.

Since 2009

Social perceptions are multidirectional and complex

We discover the cognitive structures of society regarding the targeted topics, issues, concepts, brands or products. We understand the complexity of perceptual structures, model these structures, and generate strategies from them. We “see what no one sees, and we say what no one says” regarding social perceptions, by means of innovative research methods.

Needs are unique

We think out of the box of predetermined research patterns and develop and implement specific and boutique models by valuing the originality of institutions and products.
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Adhoc’s analyses are contextual

We go beyond the outputs of the data and make sense of the data according to the context of society and institutions.

Adhoc’s approach is holistic

While discovering the research objects, we evaluate the facts according to their original conditions and try to understand them by using hybrid methods. By means of the data from different data sources feeding each other, we discover not only the visible parts but also all details of issues.

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